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Faith and Belief

Why Can’t You Just…? “Why can’t you just let go? Why can’t you simply know? Why not have full blown belief enough?” My answer is equally tough.   I can as easily as you, And when you really do, No longer will you only see All these limitations in me.   Each of us brings […]

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The Scruffy Man

“No matter where you go, God is sending you there.  Wherever you find yourself, God has a purpose in your being there.” This is a quotation from the minister, Rev. Dr. Lee Zehmer, of First Presbyterian Church in my town.  These words are part of his benediction every Sunday.  During the week that follows, I […]

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Prayer, All Prayer

In a children’s sermon one Sunday morning, I heard the associate pastor tell the children how she prayed. She said she started out with a prayer of thanks for all her blessings and then moved on to pray for those she knew were in need, finally ending with a prayer that expressed her personal concerns. […]


Where We Get Our Strength

As you can see, it’s on the minds of many of us, with so much trouble in the world. And history offers only its dismal picture of big wars coming out of little wars. I remember thinking when my sons were born at the close of the Vietnam era that after two world wars and […]


Getting Through The Holidays

Getting through the holidays can be especially hard on military families. We miss our absent loved ones and try to connect with them across the distance. Sometimes our attempts fail, and we are left with an empty feeling, or the packages we sent them don’t arrive in time. When we do make contact, there is […]