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In a world too often marked by division and strife, Ellie Dawson's poignant work, "When a Son Goes to War, And Beyond," stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and sacrifice. Through the lens of a mother's grief, Dawson's book takes us on a journey through the profound depths of human emotion and the unwavering courage of those who serve their nation. Read More

Matthieu Ricard

World renowned humanitarian and author of "Altruism"

Ellie Dawson, still disquieted by anti-war sentiment of the Vietnam Era, was crestfallen when her son Ben announced his intention to attend The Citadel in Charleston, SC, in preparation for a military career. Then seven years later when she learned Ben would be deployed to Iraq as an air force lieutenant, she searched for a book that might help her deal with his commitment. Frustrated in her search, Dawson began writing about her experience. The result is her first book, When a Son Goes to War, and Beyond. Intimately sharing a montage of her life, Dawson encourages her readers to examine their own life portfolios and draw strength from what they find within themselves. Read More

Martha Sides

MA, International Baccalaureate certified