As you can see, it’s on the minds of many of us, with so much trouble in the world. And history offers only its dismal picture of big wars coming out of little wars. I remember thinking when my sons were born at the close of the Vietnam era that after two world wars and then a regional one (Korea), surely those who controlled the destinies of so many would have learned a lesson, and my sons would grow up in a world where war would be no more.

Now, here we are again, though, facing the possibility of a self-repeating history (I can only hope not) with war in Ukraine as well as in Israel/Palestine. Those of you who are of my sons’ generation may be facing what I did in the ‘90s, what my parents faced in the ‘70s, what my grandparents faced in the ‘30s and ‘40s. Think of their parents’ dismay coming out of World War I, the war to end all wars, which ended only 21 years before the next world war started. So where do we get our strength to endure, generation after generation?

We stick together, just as a combat unit does. That is why I wrote my book. I stand by you.

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